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Vista Land is an expert in making functional communities throughout the country. Other housing projects offer high-priced units in exchange for a decent and secure place. Amenities and similar facilities seems to be included in their high prices. With Camella Homes, it is totally different. Affordability remains a great surprise for every resident. Price packages remain affordable for all of its house models and the same set of first class, resort inspired amenities are there just like the high priced villas. Indeed, Camella remains to be sincerely desirable and affordable.

Clubhouse – Camella’s Clubhouse is one of the best and the biggest clubhouses ever built for a community. It is perfect for family affairs like wedding, anniversaries and birthdays. Also perfect for community affairs.

Swimming Pool – This is a great part of the community’s socialization. This is also intended for adults to wind-up after a day’s stressful load at work.

Basketball Court – This is the melting pot of various sport loving masculine characters in the community, built with the intention of providing a good sports venue for everyone to unwind and engage in their favorite pastime, basketball game. A great place as well to celebrate friendship with neighbors and the entire community.

Gazebo – Great places for solitary moments to spent. Gazebos are equally good places to share with friends and even families on a weekends. Spending time in our gazebos will always give everyone a great experience because of the trees and blooming plants that adorn our fully grass-carpeted lawn. It will always be a priceless experience for everyone. 

Marketing Tent – for business minded people, the marketing tent is very useful and handy.

Landscaped Parks – nobody beats Camella in putting up a fully landscaped park. It inspire children and families to spend weekends on parks where plants and structural designs are as good as each other. Camella has been known for its great park concept all over the country. A beautiful park within a community is truly a priceless thing for both adults and youngsters to enjoy.

Children's Playground – These are dedicated playgrounds for residents only. In here, children can safely play and stay as long as they want without the usual fear of being harmed by outsiders. This is also a very good place to teach your children the value of friendship and responsibilities.

Gated Entrance & Exit – This is to make sure that the security of the entire community is not compromised at any rate. This is also to make sure that every convenience intended for all residents come uninterrupted with unnecessary crimes and incidents. It is worth to mention that the gates are manned by our well-trained security officers round-the-clock. Everything that gets into the compound is being monitored and duly logged.

All these are yours and your family to enjoy. Not too many realtors have a heart and the foresight as good and as clear as Vista Land’s. The choice to change your lifestyle and enjoy every goodness Camella has to offer is on your hand. Make a wiser move. CHAT with us now.

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